Reduce power usage by 18-25% from removing air-cooling fans from miners.


Up to 80% Cost Reduction

See significant cost reductions from removing supplementary cooling systems. 


Up to 60% Hashrate Increase

Significantly increase your miners’ hash rate depending on your equipment. 


50%+ Equipment Lifespan

See longer equipment lifespans without the wear and tear of fan-cooled systems.

Significant Power Reduction

  • Up to 25% Power Reduction 25% 25%

ASIC fans and facility fans account for a huge portion of your electricity usage. With Immersion Systems, these fans are either removed or never purchased in the first place. These savings, in addition to stabilizing your ASICs at a consistently low temperature, save miners anywhere from 18-50% of energy usage. With these energy savings, most of our customers promptly add more ASICs to their facility to backfill the recently vacated power usage.

Eliminate Expensive Cooling Systems

  • Up to 80% Cost Reduction 80% 80%

 By nature, semiconductors consume considerably more power when they heat up. Traditional air-cooled systems rely on moving massive amounts of air through the ASIC to keep them cool. Those air-cooling systems consume a significant amount of power as well, and often do not provide a clean, quiet, stable, and comfortable working environment. Immersion solves these issues by circulating a dielectric fluid, called BitCool, as the heat exchange medium which is 1600x more thermally efficient than air.

Increase Miner Hash Rates

  • Up to 60% Increase 60% 60%

Air mines are typically prohibited from significant overclocking because of the additional thermal load being generated by the ASICs. Mines using Immersion Systems, however, can safely overclock because they have better control over both the PCB and Chip temperature of each ASIC. This additional thermal load from overclocking is quickly absorbed by the dielectric fluid and then swiftly removed by the cooling system.

Drastically Improve Hardware Lifespans

  • 50%+ Increase 50% 50%

Immersion Systems increases hardware lifespan by 4-5 years through the lack of contamination, overheating, and corrosion.  Let’s face it — air mines are dirty. Most air mines use little to no air filtration because of the increased resistance air filters apply to a properly balanced air-cooled facility. This results in a mine that is filled with air borne particulate matter which is quickly sucked into the heatsinks of each ASIC. As that particulate begins to clog up the ASICs, their relative cooling capacity is drastically reduced, which leads to overheating, which leads to a shortened lifespan for the ASICs.


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