Welcome to Immersion Systems! We provide affordable liquid immersion cooling systems for ASIC mining farms.

After over a year of development, we’ve finally cracked the immersion cooling code at our own mine and now we want to help fellow miners enjoy the benefits of immersion, without paying exorbitant amounts of money to get started.

Benefits of Immersion Cooling:

  • Reduce Operating Costs by 50%+
    • Power reduction by removing the fans from the miners (~18% – 25%)
    • Removal of supplementary cooling systems (Intake / Exhaust fans, etc. account for another 20% – 25%)
  • Increase the hash rate of your current equipment
  • Increase hardware lifespan
  • Increase the density of miners in your facility
  • Built in fire protection as dielectric fluid is non-flammable
  • Many more!

If you are interested in buying our systems or need help with your immersion project, please send an email to sales@immersionsystems.io or complete the form below.

Our current designs focus on providing maximum scalability to existing and new ASIC mining facilities. That being said, we are working on smaller solutions for miners with fewer than 200 ASICs.